Suunto M9, X9, X9i, X10 Viewer

After I got an Suunto M9 wristop computer I am working on a Suunto M9 viewer
to show the settings, barometer data, tracks, waypoints and routes of the Suunto m9.
Includes support for x9, x9i and x10 too.
Unfortunately the G9 seems to be a different beast.

If you are interested I made up a short paper describing to the best of my knowledge
the protocol used by the Suunto wristop computers M9 and X10. It is now available
for download.
Changed major version no. to 0 to reflect paper is still work in progress.
Removed older versions cause they contained to many false informations.

My Suunto M9 viewer (as a proof of concept) is now available too.
Please contact me via the email address mentioned in the protocol description.